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calibration_job.hpp File Reference
#include <iostream>
#include <industrial_extrinsic_cal/basic_types.h>
#include <industrial_extrinsic_cal/camera_observer.hpp>
#include <boost/shared_ptr.hpp>
#include "ceres/ceres.h"
#include <ros/console.h>
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class  industrial_extrinsic_cal::CalibrationJob
 defines and exececutes the calibration script More...
class  industrial_extrinsic_cal::Camera
 a high level camera wraper including its parameters, and its observer More...
class  industrial_extrinsic_cal::CeresBlocks
 These blocks of data hold the ceres parameters upon which the optimizaition proceeds Static cameras have a block of parameters for their 6Dof Pose they have a block of 4 parameters for pinhole projection model intrinsics they have a block of 10 parameters for their distortion projection intrinsics The 1st 4 parameters of the 10 distortion model are the same variables Moving cameras have identical sets of. More...
struct  industrial_extrinsic_cal::MovingCamera
struct  industrial_extrinsic_cal::MovingTarget
 moving need a new pose with each scene in which they are used More...
struct  industrial_extrinsic_cal::ObservationCmd
 unique observation command More...
class  industrial_extrinsic_cal::ObservationDataPoint
class  industrial_extrinsic_cal::ObservationDataPointList
 a list of observation data points which allows all the collected information about the observations to be easily submitted to ceres It also allows the problem data to be printed to files for debugging and external analysis More...
class  industrial_extrinsic_cal::ObservationScene
 a command to take a set of observations from a group of cameras upon a trigger event More...
struct  industrial_extrinsic_cal::Trigger
 what kind of trigger initiates the collection of data for this scene More...


namespace  industrial_extrinsic_cal


typedef struct

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