Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
crsm_slam::CrsmHillClimbingPersonThe container of the basic element of hill climbing. (a person or individual, with transformation as genome)
crsm_slam::CrsmLaserThe container of the laser range finder
crsm_slam::CrsmLaserInfoThe container of the laser range finder information
crsm_slam::CrsmLaserScanThe container of a laser range finder scan
crsm_slam::CrsmMapHolds the occupancy grid map
crsm_slam::CrsmMapInfoHolds the occupancy grid map information
crsm_slam::CrsmPointHolds the variables for a laser ray casted at a specific point
crsm_slam::CrsmPoseHolds a robot 2D pose
crsm_slam::CrsmSlamThe main slam class. Contains the main functionalities of CRSM slam
crsm_slam::CrsmSlamParametersContains the parameters needed to execute CRSM slam. These parameters are dynamically loaded from the file crsm_slamParameters.yaml
crsm_slam::CrsmTransformationHolds a robot 2D transformation

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