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flann_search.h File Reference
#include <pcl/search/search.h>
#include <pcl/common/time.h>
#include <pcl/point_representation.h>
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class  pcl::search::FlannSearch< PointT, FlannDistance >::FlannIndexCreator
 Helper class that creates a FLANN index from a given FLANN matrix. To use a FLANN index type with FlannSearch, implement this interface and pass an object of the new type to the FlannSearch constructor. See the implementation of KdTreeIndexCreator for an example. More...
class  pcl::search::FlannSearch< PointT, FlannDistance >
 search::FlannSearch is a generic FLANN wrapper class for the new search interface. It is able to wrap any FLANN index type, e.g. the kd tree as well as indices for high-dimensional searches and intended as a more powerful and cleaner successor to KdTreeFlann. More...
class  pcl::search::FlannSearch< PointT, FlannDistance >::KdTreeIndexCreator
 Creates a FLANN KdTreeSingleIndex from the given input data. More...


namespace  flann
namespace  pcl
namespace  pcl::search


#define PCL_INSTANTIATE_FlannSearch(T)   template class PCL_EXPORTS pcl::search::FlannSearch<T>;

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