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approach_lift_grasp.h File Reference
#include <ros/ros.h>
#include <object_manipulation_msgs/GraspResult.h>
#include <object_manipulation_msgs/PickupGoal.h>
#include <trajectory_msgs/JointTrajectory.h>
#include "object_manipulator/tools/grasp_marker_publisher.h"
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struct  object_manipulator::GraspExecutionInfo
class  object_manipulator::GraspPerformer
class  object_manipulator::GraspTester
class  object_manipulator::GraspTesterWithApproach
class  object_manipulator::ReactiveGraspPerformer
class  object_manipulator::StandardGraspPerformer
 Regular grasp performer: moveArm to beginning of approach, execute approach, grasp, execute lift. More...
class  object_manipulator::UnsafeGraspPerformer
 Uses open-loop Cartesian controllers for all movement. More...
class  object_manipulator::UnsafeGraspTester
 Does not care about collisions when planning approach and lift. More...


namespace  object_manipulator

Helper functions for using image regions of PointCloud2s.

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