File List
Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
acceleration_limiter.hpp [code]Simple module for the velocity smoothing
battery.cpp [code]Battery/charging source implementation
battery.hpp [code]Human friendly batter indicator class
cliff.hpp [code]Cliff sensor packet payloads
command.cpp [code]Implementation of the command packets
command.hpp [code]Command structure
core_sensors.cpp [code]Implementation of the core sensor packet data
core_sensors.hpp [code]Core sensor packet payloads
current.hpp [code]Current level packet payloads
diff_drive.cpp [code]Differential drive abstraction (brought in from ycs)
diff_drive.hpp [code]Simple module for the diff drive odometry
digital_output.hpp [code]Digital output flags
dock_ir.hpp [code]Docking infrared sensor packet payloads
eeprom.hpp [code]Eeprom packet payloads
event_manager.cpp [code]Implementation of the event black magic
event_manager.hpp [code]The event manager - sigslot interface
firmware.hpp [code]Firmware version request packet payloads
gp_input.hpp [code]Gpio data command packets
hardware.hpp [code]Hardware version request packet payloads
inertia.hpp [code]Inertia packet payloads
initialisation.cpp [code]Demo program for kobuki initialisation
kobuki.cpp [code]Implementation for the kobuki device driver
kobuki.hpp [code]Device driver core interface
led_array.hpp [code]Definitions for manipulating the led's
modules.hpp [code]Convenience header for modules
packet_finder.cpp [code]Packet handling implementation
packet_finder.hpp [code]Simple packet finder
packets.hpp [code]Packets convenience header
parameters.hpp [code]Parameter configuration for the kobuki
payload_base.hpp [code]Base class for payloads
payload_headers.hpp [code]Byte id's for the individual payload headers
sigslots.cpp [code]Example/test program for kobuki sigslots
simple_loop.cpp [code]Example/test program with simple loop
sound.hpp [code]Flags and id's for commanding sound sequences
three_axis_gyro.hpp [code]Module for handling of three_axis_gyro packet payloads
unique_device_id.hpp [code]Module for handling of unique device id request packet payloads
velocity_commands.cpp [code]Unit test for velocity command inputs
version_info.cpp [code]Tools/utility program to retriving version info. of kobuki
version_info.hpp [code]Version info for the kobuki driver

Author(s): Daniel Stonier , Younghun Ju , Jorge Santos Simon
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