walk_msgs Documentation

walk_msgs: Humanoids Walking ROS Interface

ROS Interfaces used to generated humanoid robots walking movements.

walk_msgs is a ROS wrapper around walk_interfaces.

It mainly deals with the C++/ROS data conversions and ease the implementation of ROS trajectory generators node by providing a uniform ROS interface.

A trajectory generator node is a ROS node which aims at computing walking trajectories given some input data. Common input data are a sequence of footprints, initial and final robot positions (for feet, center of mass and optionally posture). See walk_interfaces for more details.

The package relies as heavily as possible on nav_msgs and in particular on the Path message to provide topics publishing well-known datatypes. Messages specifics to humanoid walking such as footprint are also defined in this package. See the ROS documentation for more details.


The documentation is divided in two:

Author(s): Thomas Moulard
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