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get_msg_example_client Namespace Reference


def create_cam_model
def get_single_msg
def grab_tf
def usage


tuple cam_model = create_cam_model(info_msg)
 image_msg = resp.image
 info_msg =
tuple resp = get_single_msg(topic, 'CameraInfo', GetCameraInfo)
string topic = '/wide_stereo/right/camera_info'

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def get_msg_example_client.get_single_msg (   topic_name,

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def get_msg_example_client.grab_tf (   child_id = '/wide_stereo_optical_frame',
  frame_id = '/base_footprint' 

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tuple get_msg_example_client::resp = get_single_msg(topic, 'CameraInfo', GetCameraInfo)

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string get_msg_example_client::topic = '/wide_stereo/right/camera_info'

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Author(s): Jason Okerman, Advisors: Prof. Charlie Kemp and Jim Regh, Lab: Healthcare Robotics Lab at Georgia Tech
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