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auxiliary.h [code]
backend_eps.c [code]
backend_eps.h [code]
backend_gimp.c [code]
backend_gimp.h [code]
backend_hpgl.c [code]
backend_hpgl.h [code]
backend_pdf.c [code]
backend_pdf.h [code]
backend_pgm.c [code]
backend_pgm.h [code]
backend_svg.c [code]
backend_svg.h [code]
backend_xfig.c [code]
backend_xfig.h [code]
bitmap.h [code]
bitmap_io.c [code]
bitmap_io.h [code]
bitops.h [code]
potrace/curve.c [code]
src/curve.c [code]
potrace/curve.h [code]
src/curve.h [code]
potrace/decompose.c [code]
src/decompose.c [code]
potrace/decompose.h [code]
src/decompose.h [code]
flate.c [code]
flate.h [code]
getLines.cpp [code]
getLines.h [code]
getLinesMain.cpp [code]
getopt.c [code]
getopt.h [code]
getopt1.c [code]
greymap.c [code]
greymap.h [code]
lists.h [code]
lzw.c [code]
lzw.h [code]
main.c [code]
main.h [code]
mkbitmap.c [code]
PainterMain.cpp [code]
PainterUtils.cpp [code]
PainterUtils.h [code]
pgmdiff.c [code]
platform.h [code]
potrace/potracelib.c [code]
src/potracelib.c [code]
potrace/potracelib.h [code]
src/potracelib.h [code]
potracelib_demo.c [code]
potrace/progress.h [code]
src/progress.h [code]
render.c [code]
render.h [code]
SetCanvasManually.cpp [code]
potrace/trace.c [code]
src/trace.c [code]
potrace/trace.h [code]
src/trace.h [code]
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