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karto_scan_matcher Namespace Reference


class  KartoScanMatcher
 Wraps the Karto Scan matcher. More...
class  ScanMatcherTest
struct  ScanMatchResult
 Result of scan matching. More...
struct  ScanWithPose
 Represents a 2d scan at some pose. More...


typedef std::vector< double > DoubleVector
typedef boost::mutex::scoped_lock Lock
typedef boost::circular_buffer
< ScanWithPose
typedef boost::shared_ptr
< karto::LocalizedRangeScan > 


 BOOST_PYTHON_MODULE (karto_scan_matching)
karto::LocalizedRangeScan * convertLaserScan (karto::LaserRangeFinder *laser, const sm::LaserScan &scan, const gm::Pose2D &pose)
karto::LocalizedRangeScan * convertLaserScan (karto::LaserRangeFinder *laser, const ScanWithPose &scan)
template<class T >
getPrivateParam (const string &name, const T &default_value)
gm::Pose2D subtractLaserOffset (const karto::Pose2 &pose, const karto::Pose2 &offset)
ScanPtr wrapBareScanPtr (karto::LocalizedRangeScan *scan)


const double DEFAULT_RANGE_THRESHOLD = 12.0
const double DEFAULT_SMEAR_DEVIATION = 0.03
 Some parameters of the scan matching.
static unsigned name_suffix
static boost::mutex static_name_mutex

Typedef Documentation

typedef std::vector<double> karto_scan_matcher::DoubleVector

Definition at line 102 of file karto_scan_matcher.h.

typedef boost::mutex::scoped_lock karto_scan_matcher::Lock

Definition at line 29 of file test_scan_matcher.cpp.

typedef boost::circular_buffer<ScanWithPose> karto_scan_matcher::ScanBuffer

Definition at line 28 of file test_scan_matcher.cpp.

typedef boost::shared_ptr<karto::LocalizedRangeScan> karto_scan_matcher::ScanPtr

Definition at line 190 of file karto_scan_matcher.cpp.

Function Documentation

karto_scan_matcher::BOOST_PYTHON_MODULE ( karto_scan_matching  )

Definition at line 50 of file python_exports.cpp.

karto::LocalizedRangeScan* karto_scan_matcher::convertLaserScan ( karto::LaserRangeFinder *  laser,
const sm::LaserScan &  scan,
const gm::Pose2D &  pose 

Definition at line 43 of file karto_scan_matcher.cpp.

karto::LocalizedRangeScan* karto_scan_matcher::convertLaserScan ( karto::LaserRangeFinder *  laser,
const ScanWithPose &  scan 

Definition at line 56 of file karto_scan_matcher.cpp.

template<class T >
T karto_scan_matcher::getPrivateParam ( const string &  name,
const T &  default_value 

Definition at line 84 of file test_scan_matcher.cpp.

gm::Pose2D karto_scan_matcher::subtractLaserOffset ( const karto::Pose2 &  pose,
const karto::Pose2 &  offset 

Definition at line 176 of file karto_scan_matcher.cpp.

ScanPtr karto_scan_matcher::wrapBareScanPtr ( karto::LocalizedRangeScan *  scan)

Definition at line 191 of file karto_scan_matcher.cpp.

Variable Documentation

Definition at line 69 of file karto_scan_matcher.h.

Some parameters of the scan matching.

Definition at line 68 of file karto_scan_matcher.h.

Definition at line 36 of file karto_scan_matcher.cpp.

Definition at line 35 of file karto_scan_matcher.cpp.

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