Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
hrl_pr2_arms.pr2_controller_switcher.ControllerSwitcherOffers controller switching inside python on the fly
hrl_pr2_arms.ep_arm_base.EPArmBaseBase class for interacting with a realtime controller using an equilibrium point control frame work
hrl_pr2_arms.pr2_arm_cart_base.PR2ArmCartBaseBase class for interacting with the Cartesian controllers on the PR2
hrl_pr2_arms.pr2_arm_cart_base.PR2ArmCartPostureBaseClass which extends the PR2ArmCartBase to provide functionality for changing the posture
hrl_pr2_arms.pr2_arm_joint_traj.PR2ArmJointTrajClass for interacting with the JointTrajectory controller on the PR2
hrl_pr2_arms.pr2_arm_jt.PR2ArmJTransposeClass for interacting with the Cartesian controllers on the PR2

Author(s): Kelsey Hawkins, Advisor: Prof. Charlie Kemp, Lab: Healthcare Robotics Lab
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