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gjk_libccd.h File Reference
#include "fcl/shape/geometric_shapes.h"
#include "fcl/math/transform.h"
#include <ccd/ccd.h>
#include <ccd/quat.h>
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class  fcl::details::GJKInitializer< T >
 initialize GJK stuffs More...
class  fcl::details::GJKInitializer< Box >
 initialize GJK Box More...
class  fcl::details::GJKInitializer< Capsule >
 initialize GJK Capsule More...
class  fcl::details::GJKInitializer< Cone >
 initialize GJK Cone More...
class  fcl::details::GJKInitializer< Convex >
 initialize GJK Convex More...
class  fcl::details::GJKInitializer< Cylinder >
 initialize GJK Cylinder More...
class  fcl::details::GJKInitializer< Sphere >
 initialize GJK Sphere More...


namespace  fcl

Main namespace.

namespace  fcl::details

FCL internals. Ignore this :) unless you are God.


typedef void(* fcl::details::GJKCenterFunction )(const void *obj, ccd_vec3_t *c)
typedef void(* fcl::details::GJKSupportFunction )(const void *obj, const ccd_vec3_t *dir_, ccd_vec3_t *v)
 callback function used by GJK algorithm


bool fcl::details::GJKCollide (void *obj1, ccd_support_fn supp1, ccd_center_fn cen1, void *obj2, ccd_support_fn supp2, ccd_center_fn cen2, unsigned int max_iterations, FCL_REAL tolerance, Vec3f *contact_points, FCL_REAL *penetration_depth, Vec3f *normal)
 GJK collision algorithm.
bool fcl::details::GJKDistance (void *obj1, ccd_support_fn supp1, void *obj2, ccd_support_fn supp2, unsigned int max_iterations, FCL_REAL tolerance, FCL_REAL *dist)
void * fcl::details::triCreateGJKObject (const Vec3f &P1, const Vec3f &P2, const Vec3f &P3)
void * fcl::details::triCreateGJKObject (const Vec3f &P1, const Vec3f &P2, const Vec3f &P3, const Transform3f &tf)
void fcl::details::triDeleteGJKObject (void *o)
GJKCenterFunction fcl::details::triGetCenterFunction ()
GJKSupportFunction fcl::details::triGetSupportFunction ()
 initialize GJK Triangle
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