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face_contour_detector::filters Namespace Reference


class  Canny
 Canny filter. More...
class  ColorGraphs
 Takes the result of Canny, and marks the different (not connected) lines with different colors. Note: This is a debug class. More...
class  DebugHighlight
 This is a debug class, don't use it! More...
class  DeleteShortLines
 Deletes lines that are shorter than the minLineLength parameter. More...
class  EdgeConnector
 Tries to connectect edges in an image. Uses an external python ros service (face_contour_detector/ it has different properties than the graph based edge connector and is a bit slower. More...
class  EdgeConnectorGraphBased
 Tries to connect edges, and uses the ImageForest class. More...
class  Filter
 Filters a cv::Mat, and provides a list of Parameters, who provides generic interfaces to modify the themself Every filter that wants to be usable by filter::RosService or filter::List should inherit this class. More...
class  GaussianBlur
 A filter to apply a gaussian blur to a cv::Mat. More...
class  List
 A list of filters that can save and load parameters automatically. More...
class  MaskBlur
 A filter which blurs out the areas which are not in the mask Note: This class is not supported by filters::RosServices or filters::List, because filters::Parameter does not support cv::Mat as arguments (yet) More...
class  Parameter
 Describes a parameter of an filter and includes a pointer to set the parameter. More...
class  Resize
 Resizes a cv::Mat. More...
class  RosServices
 Provides the functionality for the ros services "ApplyFilters" and "GetFilters" The "ApplyFilters" service allow to apply filters to certain areas of an image The "GetFilters" service returns a list of filters which can be used in the "ApplyFilters" service. More...
class  ShowEndpoints
 Marks the line endpoints in an cv::Mat (debug class for ImageForest) Note: This is a debug class. More...


enum  ParameterType { TBOOL, TINT, TDOUBLE, TSTRING }
 The possible types of Parameter. More...

Enumeration Type Documentation

The possible types of Parameter.









Definition at line 14 of file Parameter.h.

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