Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
motoman::controller::ControllerClass encapsulates the motoman controller interface. It also handles higher level functions such as maintining the current motion state. This class is meant to be a Singleton, but that is not explicitly enforced. Only one instance of this object should be instantiated
motoman::input_handler::InputHandlerMessage handler that responds to robot input state requests
motoman::joint_motion_handler::JointMotionHandlerMessage handler that handles joint motion requests to the controller
motoman::joint_relay_handler::JointRelayHandlerMessage handler that relays joint positions (converts simple message types to ROS message types and publishes them)
motoman::joint_trajectory_downloader::JointTrajectoryDownloaderMessage handler that downloads joint trajectories to the motoman controller
motoman::joint_trajectory_handler::JointTrajectoryHandlerMessage handler that relays joint trajectories to the motoman controller
motoman::parameters::ParametersThis is a static class that is meant to capture controller level and global constants related to the motoman interface. Capturing the data in a single place makes sense for now given that this information is needed in multiple places
motoman::trajectory_job::TrajectoryJobThe job class encapsulates a trajectory as defined by a motoman job file (*.JBI). This class makes certain assumptions about the job file structure and is not meant to be a generic implementation of a job class (but could be extended if the need arises)

Author(s): Shaun Edwards (Southwest Research Institute)
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