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DynamicPath.h File Reference
#include "constraint_aware_spline_smoother/ParabolicPathSmooth/ParabolicRamp.h"
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class  ParabolicRamp::DistanceCheckerBase
 A base class for a distance checker. ObstacleDistance returns the radius of a L-z norm guaranteed to be collision-free. ObstacleDistanceNorm returns the value of z. More...
class  ParabolicRamp::DynamicPath
 A bounded-velocity, bounded-acceleration trajectory consisting of parabolic ramps. More...
class  ParabolicRamp::FeasibilityCheckerBase
 A base class for a feasibility checker. More...
class  ParabolicRamp::RampFeasibilityChecker
 A class that encapsulates feaibility checking of a ParabolicRampND. More...
class  ParabolicRamp::RandomNumberGeneratorBase
 A custom random number generator that can be provided to DynamicPath::Shortcut() More...


namespace  ParabolicRamp


bool ParabolicRamp::CheckRamp (const ParabolicRampND &ramp, FeasibilityCheckerBase *feas, DistanceCheckerBase *distance, int maxiters)
 Checks whether the ramp is feasible using exact checking.
bool ParabolicRamp::CheckRamp (const ParabolicRampND &ramp, FeasibilityCheckerBase *space, Real tol)

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