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Config.h File Reference
#include <assert.h>
#include "rosconsole/macros_generated.h"
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namespace  ParabolicRamp


#define PARABOLIC_RAMP_ASSERT(x)   assert(x)
 assertion function
 print an error
 print a notification


static const Real ParabolicRamp::EpsilonA = 1e-6
 tolerance for acceleration equality
static const Real ParabolicRamp::EpsilonT = 1e-6
 tolerance for time equality
static const Real ParabolicRamp::EpsilonV = 1e-5
 tolerance for velocity equality
static const Real ParabolicRamp::EpsilonX = 1e-5
 tolerance for position equality
static const bool ParabolicRamp::gErrorGetchar = true
 whether or not to pause on serious errors
static const bool ParabolicRamp::gErrorSave = true
 whether or not errors are logged to disk
static const int ParabolicRamp::gValidityCheckLevel = 2
static const int ParabolicRamp::gVerbose = 2

Define Documentation

#define PARABOLIC_RAMP_ASSERT (   x)    assert(x)

assertion function

Definition at line 9 of file Config.h.


print an error

Definition at line 12 of file Config.h.

#define PARABOLIC_RAMP_PLOG (   ...)    ROS_INFO(__VA_ARGS__)

print a notification

Definition at line 15 of file Config.h.

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