init.cpp File Reference

#include "ros/init.h"
#include "ros/names.h"
#include "ros/xmlrpc_manager.h"
#include "ros/poll_manager.h"
#include "ros/connection_manager.h"
#include "ros/topic_manager.h"
#include "ros/service_manager.h"
#include "ros/this_node.h"
#include "ros/network.h"
#include "ros/file_log.h"
#include "ros/callback_queue.h"
#include "ros/param.h"
#include "ros/rosout_appender.h"
#include "ros/subscribe_options.h"
#include "ros/transport/transport_tcp.h"
#include "ros/internal_timer_manager.h"
#include "roscpp/GetLoggers.h"
#include "roscpp/SetLoggerLevel.h"
#include "roscpp/Empty.h"
#include <ros/console.h>
#include <ros/time.h>
#include <rosgraph_msgs/Clock.h>
#include <algorithm>
#include <signal.h>
#include <cstdlib>
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namespace  ros
namespace  ros::file_log


namespace  ros::master

Contains functions which allow you to query information about the master.

namespace  ros::network


namespace  ros::param

Contains functions which allow you to query the parameter server.

namespace  ros::this_node

Contains functions which provide information about this process' ROS node.


void ros::atexitCallback ()
void ros::basicSigintHandler (int sig)
void ros::checkForShutdown ()
void ros::clockCallback (const rosgraph_msgs::Clock::ConstPtr &msg)
bool ros::closeAllConnections (roscpp::Empty::Request &, roscpp::Empty::Response &)
ROSCPP_DECL CallbackQueue * ros::getGlobalCallbackQueue ()
 Returns a pointer to the global default callback queue.
CallbackQueuePtr ros::getInternalCallbackQueue ()
bool ros::getLoggers (roscpp::GetLoggers::Request &, roscpp::GetLoggers::Response &resp)
ROSCPP_DECL void ros::init (const VP_string &remapping_args, const std::string &name, uint32_t options=0)
 alternate ROS initialization function.
ROSCPP_DECL void ros::init (int &argc, char **argv, const std::string &name, uint32_t options=0)
 ROS initialization function.
ROSCPP_DECL void ros::init (const M_string &remappings, const std::string &name, uint32_t options=0)
 alternate ROS initialization function.
void ros::file_log::init (const M_string &remappings)
void ros::param::init (const M_string &remappings)
void ros::network::init (const M_string &remappings)
void ros::this_node::init (const std::string &names, const M_string &remappings, uint32_t options)
void ros::master::init (const M_string &remappings)
void ros::internalCallbackQueueThreadFunc ()
ROSCPP_DECL bool ros::isInitialized ()
 Returns whether or not ros::init() has been called.
ROSCPP_DECL bool ros::isShuttingDown ()
 Returns whether or not ros::shutdown() has been (or is being) called.
ROSCPP_DECL bool ros::isStarted ()
 Returns whether or not the node has been started through ros::start().
ROSCPP_DECL bool ros::ok ()
 Check whether it's time to exit.
ROSCPP_DECL void ros::removeROSArgs (int argc, const char *const *argv, V_string &args_out)
 returns a vector of program arguments that do not include any ROS remapping arguments. Useful if you need to parse your arguments to determine your node name
ROSCPP_DECL void ros::requestShutdown ()
 Request that the node shut itself down from within a ROS thread.
bool ros::setLoggerLevel (roscpp::SetLoggerLevel::Request &req, roscpp::SetLoggerLevel::Response &)
ROSCPP_DECL void ros::shutdown ()
 Disconnects everything and unregisters from the master. It is generally not necessary to call this function, as the node will automatically shutdown when all NodeHandles destruct. However, if you want to break out of a spin() loop explicitly, this function allows that.
void ros::shutdownCallback (XmlRpc::XmlRpcValue &params, XmlRpc::XmlRpcValue &result)
ROSCPP_DECL void ros::spin (Spinner &spinner)
 Enter simple event loop.
ROSCPP_DECL void ros::spin ()
 Enter simple event loop.
ROSCPP_DECL void ros::spinOnce ()
 Process a single round of callbacks.
ROSCPP_DECL void ros::start ()
 Actually starts the internals of the node (spins up threads, starts the network polling and xmlrpc loops, connects to internal subscriptions like /clock, starts internal service servers, etc.).
ROSCPP_DECL void ros::waitForShutdown ()
 Wait for this node to be shutdown, whether through Ctrl-C, ros::shutdown(), or similar.


static bool ros::g_atexit_registered = false
CallbackQueuePtr ros::g_global_queue
static uint32_t ros::g_init_options = 0
static bool ros::g_initialized = false
static CallbackQueuePtr ros::g_internal_callback_queue
static boost::thread ros::g_internal_queue_thread
static bool ros::g_ok = false
ROSOutAppenderPtr ros::g_rosout_appender
static bool ros::g_shutdown_requested = false
static volatile bool ros::g_shutting_down = false
static boost::recursive_mutex ros::g_shutting_down_mutex
static boost::mutex ros::g_start_mutex
static bool ros::g_started = false
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