TomGine::tgRenderModel Class Reference

Class tgRenderModel. More...

#include <tgRenderModel.h>

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Public Member Functions

void ApplyColor ()
void ApplyMaterial ()
virtual void DrawBoundingSphere ()
 draws bounding sphere of model
void DrawFaces (bool lighting)
virtual void DrawFaces ()
virtual void DrawNormals (float normal_length)
 tgRenderModel (const tgModel &model)
 tgRenderModel ()
 ~tgRenderModel ()

Public Attributes

tgMaterial m_material
tgPose m_pose

Detailed Description

Class tgRenderModel.

Definition at line 26 of file tgRenderModel.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

tgRenderModel::tgRenderModel (  ) 

Definition at line 8 of file tgRenderModel.cpp.

tgRenderModel::tgRenderModel ( const tgModel model  ) 

Definition at line 13 of file tgRenderModel.cpp.

tgRenderModel::~tgRenderModel (  ) 

Definition at line 20 of file tgRenderModel.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void tgRenderModel::ApplyColor (  ) 

Definition at line 34 of file tgRenderModel.cpp.

void tgRenderModel::ApplyMaterial (  ) 

Definition at line 25 of file tgRenderModel.cpp.

void tgRenderModel::DrawBoundingSphere (  )  [virtual]

draws bounding sphere of model

Definition at line 62 of file tgRenderModel.cpp.

void tgRenderModel::DrawFaces ( bool  lighting  ) 

Definition at line 43 of file tgRenderModel.cpp.

void tgRenderModel::DrawFaces (  )  [virtual]

Definition at line 39 of file tgRenderModel.cpp.

void tgRenderModel::DrawNormals ( float  normal_length  )  [virtual]

Definition at line 56 of file tgRenderModel.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 31 of file tgRenderModel.h.

Definition at line 30 of file tgRenderModel.h.

Definition at line 29 of file tgRenderModel.h.

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