sensor_msgs::image_encodings Namespace Reference


const std::string BAYER_BGGR8
const std::string BAYER_GBRG8
const std::string BAYER_GRBG8
const std::string BAYER_RGGB8
const std::string BGR8
const std::string BGRA8
const std::string MONO16
const std::string MONO8
const std::string RGB8
const std::string RGBA8
const std::string TYPE_16SC1
const std::string TYPE_16SC2
const std::string TYPE_16SC3
const std::string TYPE_16SC4
const std::string TYPE_16UC1
const std::string TYPE_16UC2
const std::string TYPE_16UC3
const std::string TYPE_16UC4
const std::string TYPE_32FC1
const std::string TYPE_32FC2
const std::string TYPE_32FC3
const std::string TYPE_32FC4
const std::string TYPE_32SC1
const std::string TYPE_32SC2
const std::string TYPE_32SC3
const std::string TYPE_32SC4
const std::string TYPE_64FC1
const std::string TYPE_64FC2
const std::string TYPE_64FC3
const std::string TYPE_64FC4
const std::string TYPE_8SC1
const std::string TYPE_8SC2
const std::string TYPE_8SC3
const std::string TYPE_8SC4
const std::string TYPE_8UC1
const std::string TYPE_8UC2
const std::string TYPE_8UC3
const std::string TYPE_8UC4

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