Class MechanicalSystem

Class Documentation

class MechanicalSystem

Public Functions

double mass() const

Get the mass of this mechanical system.

double moment_of_inertia() const

Get the moment of inertia of this mechanical system.

double friction_coefficient() const

Get the friction coefficient of this mechanical system.

Public Static Functions

static std::optional<MechanicalSystem> make(double mass, double moment_of_inertia, double friction_coefficient)

Returns a MechanicalSystem object if valid values were supplied for the various fields else returns std::nullopt. Here valid implies that the values are greater than zero.

  • mass[in] The mass of the robot in Kilograms(kg)

  • moment_of_inertia[in] The moment of inertia of the robot along its yaw axis in kg.m^2

  • friction_coefficient[in] The coefficient of kinetic friction or rolling resistance coefficient measured at the wheels of the robot. This value is used to compute the energy loss due to rotation of the vehicle’s wheels during locomotion. This value is the dimensionless constant Crr as described in the reference below. Ref: