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fcl::detail::EquilateralTetrahedron Class Reference
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 EquilateralTetrahedron (ccd_real_t bottom_center_x=0, ccd_real_t bottom_center_y=0, ccd_real_t bottom_center_z=0, ccd_real_t edge_length=1)
- Public Member Functions inherited from fcl::detail::Tetrahedron
 Tetrahedron (const std::array< fcl::Vector3< ccd_real_t >, 4 > &vertices)
- Public Member Functions inherited from fcl::detail::Polytope
ccd_pt_edge_te (int i)
const ccd_pt_edge_te (int i) const
ccd_pt_face_tf (int i)
const ccd_pt_face_tf (int i) const
 Polytope ()
ccd_pt_tpolytope ()
const ccd_pt_tpolytope () const
ccd_pt_vertex_tv (int i)
const ccd_pt_vertex_tv (int i) const
 ~Polytope ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from fcl::detail::Polytope
std::vector< ccd_pt_edge_t * > & e ()
std::vector< ccd_pt_face_t * > & f ()
std::vector< ccd_pt_vertex_t * > & v ()

Detailed Description

Simple equilateral tetrahedron.

Geometrically, its edge lengths are the given length (default to unit length). Its "bottom" face is parallel with the z = 0 plane. It's default configuration places the bottom face on the z = 0 plane with the origin contained in the bottom face.

In representation, the edge ordering is arbitrary (i.e., an edge can be defined as (vᵢ, vⱼ) or (vⱼ, vᵢ). However, given an arbitrary definition of edges, the faces* have been defined to have a specific winding which causes e₀ × e₁ to point inwards or outwards for that face. This allows us to explicitly fully exercise the functionality for computing an outward normal.

All property accessors are mutable.

Definition at line 183 of file test_gjk_libccd-inl_epa.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ EquilateralTetrahedron()

fcl::detail::EquilateralTetrahedron::EquilateralTetrahedron ( ccd_real_t  bottom_center_x = 0,
ccd_real_t  bottom_center_y = 0,
ccd_real_t  bottom_center_z = 0,
ccd_real_t  edge_length = 1 

Definition at line 185 of file test_gjk_libccd-inl_epa.cpp.

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