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fEulerPara.cpp File Reference
#include "fEulerPara.h"
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#define eps   1e-8
#define tiny   0.05


fEulerPara angvel2epdot (const fEulerPara &_epara, const fVec3 &vel)
fMat33 ep2mat (const fEulerPara &_epara)
fVec3 epddot2angacc (const fEulerPara &_e, const fEulerPara &_de, const fEulerPara &_dde)
fVec3 epdot2angvel (const fEulerPara &_epara, const fEulerPara &_edot)
fEulerPara mat2ep (const fMat33 &_mat)
fEulerPara operator* (double d, const fEulerPara &ep)
fEulerPara operator- (const fEulerPara &_ep)
fEulerPara unit (const fEulerPara &ep)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define eps   1e-8

Definition at line 17 of file fEulerPara.cpp.

#define tiny   0.05

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Function Documentation

fEulerPara angvel2epdot ( const fEulerPara _epara,
const fVec3 vel 

Definition at line 269 of file fEulerPara.cpp.

fMat33 ep2mat ( const fEulerPara _epara)

Definition at line 225 of file fEulerPara.cpp.

fVec3 epddot2angacc ( const fEulerPara _e,
const fEulerPara _de,
const fEulerPara _dde 

Convert Euler parameter acceleration to angular acceleration.

[in]ecurrent orientation (Euler parameters)
[in]decurrent Euler parameter velocity
[in]ddecurrent Euler parameter acceleration

Definition at line 287 of file fEulerPara.cpp.

fVec3 epdot2angvel ( const fEulerPara _epara,
const fEulerPara _edot 

Definition at line 278 of file fEulerPara.cpp.

fEulerPara mat2ep ( const fMat33 _mat)

Definition at line 119 of file fEulerPara.cpp.

fEulerPara operator* ( double  d,
const fEulerPara ep 

Definition at line 261 of file fEulerPara.cpp.

fEulerPara operator- ( const fEulerPara _ep)

Definition at line 310 of file fEulerPara.cpp.

fEulerPara unit ( const fEulerPara ep)

Definition at line 303 of file fEulerPara.cpp.

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