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uvc_format_desc Struct Reference

#include <uvc-types.h>

Public Attributes

union {
   uint8_t   fourccFormat [4]
   uint8_t   guidFormat [16]
union {
   uint8_t   bBitsPerPixel
   uint8_t   bmFlags
uint8_t bAspectRatioX
uint8_t bAspectRatioY
uint8_t bCopyProtect
uint8_t bDefaultFrameIndex
enum uvc_vs_desc_subtype bDescriptorSubtype
uint8_t bFormatIndex
uint8_t bmInterlaceFlags
uint8_t bNumFrameDescriptors
uint8_t bVariableSize
std::vector< uvc_frame_desc_tframe_descs

Detailed Description

Format descriptor

A "format" determines a stream's image type (e.g., raw YUYV or JPEG) and includes many "frame" configurations.

Definition at line 377 of file uvc-types.h.

Member Data Documentation

union { ... }

Format specifier

union { ... }

Format-specific data

uint8_t uvc_format_desc::bAspectRatioX

Definition at line 397 of file uvc-types.h.

uint8_t uvc_format_desc::bAspectRatioY

Definition at line 398 of file uvc-types.h.

uint8_t uvc_format_desc::bBitsPerPixel

BPP for uncompressed stream

Definition at line 391 of file uvc-types.h.

uint8_t uvc_format_desc::bCopyProtect

Definition at line 400 of file uvc-types.h.

uint8_t uvc_format_desc::bDefaultFrameIndex

Default {uvc_frame_desc} to choose given this format

Definition at line 396 of file uvc-types.h.

enum uvc_vs_desc_subtype uvc_format_desc::bDescriptorSubtype

Type of image stream, such as JPEG or uncompressed.

Definition at line 379 of file uvc-types.h.

uint8_t uvc_format_desc::bFormatIndex

Identifier of this format within the VS interface's format list

Definition at line 381 of file uvc-types.h.

uint8_t uvc_format_desc::bmFlags

Flags for JPEG stream

Definition at line 393 of file uvc-types.h.

uint8_t uvc_format_desc::bmInterlaceFlags

Definition at line 399 of file uvc-types.h.

uint8_t uvc_format_desc::bNumFrameDescriptors

Definition at line 382 of file uvc-types.h.

uint8_t uvc_format_desc::bVariableSize

Definition at line 401 of file uvc-types.h.

uint8_t uvc_format_desc::fourccFormat[4]

Definition at line 386 of file uvc-types.h.

std::vector<uvc_frame_desc_t> uvc_format_desc::frame_descs

Available frame specifications for this format

Definition at line 403 of file uvc-types.h.

uint8_t uvc_format_desc::guidFormat[16]

Definition at line 385 of file uvc-types.h.

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