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uvc_frame_desc Struct Reference

#include <uvc-types.h>

Public Attributes

uvc_vs_desc_subtype bDescriptorSubtype
uint8_t bFrameIndex
uint8_t bFrameIntervalType
uint8_t bmCapabilities
uint32_t dwBytesPerLine
uint32_t dwDefaultFrameInterval
uint32_t dwFrameIntervalStep
uint32_t dwMaxBitRate
uint32_t dwMaxFrameInterval
uint32_t dwMaxVideoFrameBufferSize
uint32_t dwMinBitRate
uint32_t dwMinFrameInterval
std::vector< uint32_tintervals
uint16_t wHeight
uint16_t wWidth

Detailed Description

Definition at line 340 of file uvc-types.h.

Member Data Documentation

uvc_vs_desc_subtype uvc_frame_desc::bDescriptorSubtype

Type of frame, such as JPEG frame or uncompressed frme

Definition at line 342 of file uvc-types.h.

uint8_t uvc_frame_desc::bFrameIndex

Index of the frame within the list of specs available for this format

Definition at line 344 of file uvc-types.h.

uint8_t uvc_frame_desc::bFrameIntervalType

Frame intervals

Definition at line 365 of file uvc-types.h.

uint8_t uvc_frame_desc::bmCapabilities

Definition at line 345 of file uvc-types.h.

uint32_t uvc_frame_desc::dwBytesPerLine

number of bytes per line

Definition at line 367 of file uvc-types.h.

uint32_t uvc_frame_desc::dwDefaultFrameInterval

Default frame interval (in 100ns units)

Definition at line 357 of file uvc-types.h.

uint32_t uvc_frame_desc::dwFrameIntervalStep

Granularity of frame interval range for continuous mode (100ns)

Definition at line 363 of file uvc-types.h.

uint32_t uvc_frame_desc::dwMaxBitRate

Bitrate of corresponding stream at maximal frame rate

Definition at line 353 of file uvc-types.h.

uint32_t uvc_frame_desc::dwMaxFrameInterval

Maximum frame interval for continuous mode (100ns units)

Definition at line 361 of file uvc-types.h.

uint32_t uvc_frame_desc::dwMaxVideoFrameBufferSize

Maximum number of bytes for a video frame

Definition at line 355 of file uvc-types.h.

uint32_t uvc_frame_desc::dwMinBitRate

Bitrate of corresponding stream at minimal frame rate

Definition at line 351 of file uvc-types.h.

uint32_t uvc_frame_desc::dwMinFrameInterval

Minimum frame interval for continuous mode (100ns units)

Definition at line 359 of file uvc-types.h.

std::vector<uint32_t> uvc_frame_desc::intervals

Available frame rates, zero-terminated (in 100ns units)

Definition at line 369 of file uvc-types.h.

uint16_t uvc_frame_desc::wHeight

Image height

Definition at line 349 of file uvc-types.h.

uint16_t uvc_frame_desc::wWidth

Image width

Definition at line 347 of file uvc-types.h.

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