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RTT::dev Namespace Reference


class  AnalogInInterface
class  AnalogInput
class  AnalogOutInterface
class  AnalogOutput
class  AxisInterface
class  CalibrationInterface
 A class which will calibrate a sensor. It is useful for making 'calibration' objects. More...
class  DigitalInInterface
class  DigitalInput
class  DigitalOutInterface
class  DigitalOutput
class  DriveInterface
 A Drive Object controls a single axis. It is responsible for keeping track of its status (enabled, disabled). More...
class  EncoderInterface
 The most generic interface to a position/turn counter, for encoding positions. More...
class  HomingInterface
class  NameServer
 A nameserver for Orocos Device classes. More...
class  NameServerRegistrator
 Utility class to register a given object with a nameserver, and deregister upon destruction. More...
class  PulseTrainGeneratorInterface
 A generic interface to a pulsetraingenerator for simulation of encoder like behaviour. More...
class  SensorInterface
 An interface that describes a general sensor You can read a value/structure. More...


class RTT_API DigitalOutput

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class RTT_API RTT::dev::DigitalOutput

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