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hough_3d.h File Reference
#include <pcl/recognition/cg/correspondence_grouping.h>
#include <pcl/recognition/boost.h>
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class  pcl::Hough3DGrouping< PointModelT, PointSceneT, PointModelRfT, PointSceneRfT >
 Class implementing a 3D correspondence grouping algorithm that can deal with multiple instances of a model template found into a given scene. Each correspondence casts a vote for a reference point in a 3D Hough Space. The remaining 3 DOF are taken into account by associating each correspondence with a local Reference Frame. The suggested PointModelRfT is pcl::ReferenceFrame. More...
class  pcl::recognition::HoughSpace3D
 HoughSpace3D is a 3D voting space. Cast votes can be interpolated in order to better deal with approximations introduced by bin quantization. A weight can also be associated with each vote. More...


namespace  pcl
namespace  pcl::recognition

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