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adler32.c File Reference
#include "pcl/surface/3rdparty/opennurbs/zlib.h"
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#define BASE   65521UL /* largest prime smaller than 65536 */
#define DO1(buf, i)   {adler += (buf)[i]; sum2 += adler;}
#define DO16(buf)   DO8(buf,0); DO8(buf,8);
#define DO2(buf, i)   DO1(buf,i); DO1(buf,i+1);
#define DO4(buf, i)   DO2(buf,i); DO2(buf,i+2);
#define DO8(buf, i)   DO4(buf,i); DO4(buf,i+4);
#define MOD(a)   a %= BASE
#define MOD4(a)   a %= BASE
#define NMAX   5552


uLong ZEXPORT adler32 (uLong adler, const Bytef *buf, uInt len)
uLong ZEXPORT adler32_combine (uLong adler1, uLong adler2, z_off_t len2)

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#define BASE   65521UL /* largest prime smaller than 65536 */

Definition at line 11 of file adler32.c.

#define DO1 (   buf,
)    {adler += (buf)[i]; sum2 += adler;}

Definition at line 15 of file adler32.c.

#define DO16 (   buf)    DO8(buf,0); DO8(buf,8);

Definition at line 19 of file adler32.c.

#define DO2 (   buf,
)    DO1(buf,i); DO1(buf,i+1);

Definition at line 16 of file adler32.c.

#define DO4 (   buf,
)    DO2(buf,i); DO2(buf,i+2);

Definition at line 17 of file adler32.c.

#define DO8 (   buf,
)    DO4(buf,i); DO4(buf,i+4);

Definition at line 18 of file adler32.c.

#define MOD (   a)    a %= BASE

Definition at line 52 of file adler32.c.

#define MOD4 (   a)    a %= BASE

Definition at line 53 of file adler32.c.

#define NMAX   5552

Definition at line 12 of file adler32.c.


Definition at line 8 of file adler32.c.

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uLong ZEXPORT adler32 ( uLong  adler,
const Bytef buf,
uInt  len 

Definition at line 57 of file adler32.c.

uLong ZEXPORT adler32_combine ( uLong  adler1,
uLong  adler2,
z_off_t  len2 

Definition at line 128 of file adler32.c.

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