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mavconn::MAVConnInterface Class Reference

Generic mavlink interface. More...

#include <interface.h>

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Public Types

typedef boost::shared_ptr
< MAVConnInterface const > 
typedef sig2::signal< void(const
mavlink_message_t *message,
uint8_t system_id, uint8_t
MessageSig )
typedef boost::shared_ptr
< MAVConnInterface
typedef boost::weak_ptr
< MAVConnInterface

Public Member Functions

virtual void close ()=0
 Close connection.
int get_channel ()
uint8_t get_component_id ()
virtual mavlink_status_t get_status ()=0
uint8_t get_system_id ()
virtual bool is_open ()=0
 MAVConnInterface (uint8_t system_id=1, uint8_t component_id=MAV_COMP_ID_UDP_BRIDGE)
virtual void send_bytes (const uint8_t *bytes, size_t length)=0
 Send raw bytes (for some quirks)
void send_message (const mavlink_message_t *message)
 Send message with default link system/component id.
virtual void send_message (const mavlink_message_t *message, uint8_t sysid, uint8_t compid)=0
 Send message Can be used in message_received signal.
void set_component_id (uint8_t compid)
void set_system_id (uint8_t sysid)
virtual ~MAVConnInterface ()

Static Public Member Functions

static Ptr open_url (std::string url, uint8_t system_id=1, uint8_t component_id=MAV_COMP_ID_UDP_BRIDGE)
 Construct connection from URL.

Public Attributes

MessageSig message_received
 Message receive signal.
sig2::signal< void()> port_closed

Protected Member Functions

MsgBuffernew_msgbuffer (const mavlink_message_t *message, uint8_t sysid, uint8_t compid)

Static Protected Member Functions

static int channes_available ()
static void delete_channel (int chan)
static int new_channel ()

Protected Attributes

int channel
uint8_t comp_id
uint8_t sys_id

Private Member Functions

 MAVConnInterface (const MAVConnInterface &)

Static Private Attributes

static std::set< int > allocated_channels
static std::recursive_mutex channel_mutex

Detailed Description

Generic mavlink interface.

Definition at line 96 of file interface.h.

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