You're reading the documentation for an older, but still supported, version of ROS 2. For information on the latest version, please have a look at Jazzy.


This page describes planned work for ROS 2. The set of planned features and development efforts should provide insight into the overall direction of ROS 2. If you would like to see other features on the roadmap, please get in touch with us at

Jazzy Roadmap

Jazzy Jalisco is the ROS 2 release expected in May 2024. See the release page for a detailed timeline.

The items in the roadmap below are the major features being worked on by the ROS 2 community. The “Size” is an estimated size of the task, where Small means person-days to complete, Medium means person-weeks to complete, and Large means person-months to complete.

If you are working on a feature for ROS 2 and would like to have it listed, please open a pull request to ROS 2 Documentation. If you’d like to take on one of these tasks, please get in touch with us.




Expected Completion

rmw_alternate development



May 2024

rosbag2 service record / play development


Sony Corporation / Apex.AI

Dec 2023

Planned releases

Please see the Distributions page for the timeline of and information about future distributions.

Contributing to ROS 2

Looking for something to work on, or just want to help out? Here are a few resources to get you going.

  1. The Contributing guide describes how to make a contribution to ROS 2.

  2. Check out the list of Feature Ideas for inspiration.

  3. For more information on the design of ROS 2 please see

  4. The core code for ROS 2 is in the ros2 GitHub organization.

  5. The Discourse forum/mailing list for discussing ROS 2 design is ng-ros.

  6. Questions should be asked on Robotics Stack Exchange, make sure to include at least the ros2 tag and the rosdistro version you are running, e.g. humble.