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Member ccny_rgbd::MotionEstimation::getMotionEstimation (RGBDFrame &frame)

this should return a covariance

motion prediction disabled for now

Member ccny_rgbd::MotionEstimationICP::getMotionEstimationImpl (RGBDFrame &frame, const tf::Transform &prediction, tf::Transform &motion)
ignores prediction
Member ccny_rgbd::MotionEstimationICPProbModel::getMotionEstimationImpl (RGBDFrame &frame, const tf::Transform &prediction, tf::Transform &motion)
: currently ignores prediction
Member ccny_rgbd::MotionEstimationICPProbModel::saveModel (const std::string &filename)

this is only saving the point cloud, not the actual distributions

also save Eigen means and covariances

Member ccny_rgbd::RGBDFrame::computeDistributions (double max_z=5.5, double max_stdev_z=0.03)

do we want default values?

These should be arguments or const static members

Member ccny_rgbd::RGBDFrame::constructDensePointCloud (PointCloudT &cloud, double max_z=5.5, double max_stdev_z=0.03) const
do we want default values? or ROS parameters here)
Member ccny_rgbd::RGBDFrame::getGaussianMixtureDistribution (int u, int v, double &z_mean, double &z_var) const

reference for the paper

Different window sizes? based on sigma_u, sigma_v?

Member ccny_rgbd::RGBDImageProc::loadCalibration ()
handle this with default ir2rgb
Member ccny_rgbd::VisualOdometry::publishOdom (const std_msgs::Header &header)
publish also as PoseWithCovariance
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