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StopLine Class Reference

#include <stop_line.h>

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Public Member Functions

result_t control (pilot_command_t &pcmd, float topspeed=3.0)
void reset (void)
 StopLine (Navigator *navptr, int _verbose)
 ~StopLine ()

Private Member Functions

void reset_me (void)

Private Attributes

bool creeping
double initial_speed
double max_creep_distance
bool stopping

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

StopLine::StopLine ( Navigator navptr,
int  _verbose 

This is based on the unpublished "Control Tutorial" draft dated January 26, 2004 by Dr. Benjamin Kuypers, section 5: "The Stopping Controller". He recommends a constant deceleration instead of the simpler exponential decay. The dynamical system is:

x_dot = -k * sqrt(x)

Solving analytically with initial condition x(0) = D and v(0) = V yields these equations of motion:

x(t) = (sqrt(D) - V*t/(2*sqrt(D)))**2 (parabolic drop) v(t) = dx/dt = (V**2/2*D)*t + V (linear velocity) a(t) = dv/dt = V**2/(2*D) = A (constant deceleration)

Note that the initial velocity V is negative in these equations, because it represents motion from positive x to zero. The system stops in finite time T = -2*D/V, with x(T) = 0, and v(T) = 0.

For example, when D = 10m from stop line and V = -5m/s, the vehicle stops in 4 seconds at a constant 1.25m/s/s deceleration.

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Member Function Documentation

Controller::result_t StopLine::control ( pilot_command_t pcmd,
float  topspeed = 3.0 

Set speed for steady deceleration to stop way-point

course->stop_waypt is goal way-point of stop
pcmdcontains desired heading and speed, assuming it is not yet time to stop, updated on exit
topspeedvelocity limit
resets course-> if reached.
OK if in process of stopping; Finished if stop way-point reached.

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void StopLine::reset ( void  ) [virtual]

Reimplemented from Controller.

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void StopLine::reset_me ( void  ) [private, virtual]

Reimplemented from Controller.

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Member Data Documentation

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double StopLine::initial_speed [private]

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double StopLine::max_creep_distance [private]

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