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Navigator Class Reference

#include <navigator_internal.h>

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Public Member Functions

void configure ()
pilot_command_t navigate (void)
 Navigator (nav_msgs::Odometry *odom_msg)
void reduce_speed_with_min (pilot_command_t &pcmd, float new_speed)
void trace_controller (const char *name, pilot_command_t &pcmd)
 ~Navigator ()

Public Attributes

Config config_
nav_msgs::Odometry estimate
art_msgs::NavigatorState navdata
nav_msgs::Odometry * odometry
art_msgs::Order order

Private Attributes

int verbose

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Navigator::Navigator ( nav_msgs::Odometry *  odom_msg)

Main ART navigator class.

The Navigator class instantiates some infrastructure and the top-level (Estop) controller. Then, on each cycle it runs the Estop controller, which indirectly invokes other controllers when appropriate.

Add ROS-style obstacle detection.

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Member Function Documentation

Configure parameters

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Main navigator entry point -- called once every driver cycle

The order contains a behavior which affects the navigator state for this cycle.

a pilot_command_t with control output for this cycle.

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void Navigator::reduce_speed_with_min ( pilot_command_t pcmd,
float  new_speed 
) [inline]

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void Navigator::trace_controller ( const char *  name,
pilot_command_t pcmd 
) [inline]

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Member Data Documentation

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nav_msgs::Odometry Navigator::estimate

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nav_msgs::Odometry* Navigator::odometry

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int Navigator::verbose [private]

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