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NavQueueMgr Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 NavQueueMgr ()
bool setup (ros::NodeHandle node)
bool shutdown ()
void spin (void)
 ~NavQueueMgr ()

Private Member Functions

void processNavCmd (const art_msgs::NavigatorCommand::ConstPtr &cmdIn)
void processOdom (const nav_msgs::Odometry::ConstPtr &odomIn)
void processRelays (const art_msgs::IOadrState::ConstPtr &sigIn)
void processRoadMap (const art_msgs::ArtLanes::ConstPtr &cmdIn)
void PublishState (void)
void reconfig (Config &newconfig, uint32_t level)
void SetRelays (void)
void SetSpeed (pilot_command_t pcmd)

Private Attributes

bool alarm_on_
ros::Publisher car_cmd_
< Config
ros::Time cmd_time_
bool flasher_on_
ros::Time map_time_
ros::Subscriber nav_cmd_
ros::Publisher nav_state_
nav_msgs::Odometry odom_msg_
ros::Subscriber odom_state_
ros::Subscriber roadmap_
bool signal_on_left_
bool signal_on_right_
ros::Publisher signals_cmd_
ros::Subscriber signals_state_

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Member Function Documentation

Handle command input.

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void NavQueueMgr::processOdom ( const nav_msgs::Odometry::ConstPtr &  odomIn) [private]

Handle Odometry input.

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Handle relays state message.

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void NavQueueMgr::processRoadMap ( const art_msgs::ArtLanes::ConstPtr mapIn) [private]

Handle road map polygons.

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void NavQueueMgr::PublishState ( void  ) [private]

Publish current navigator state data

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void NavQueueMgr::reconfig ( Config newconfig,
uint32_t  level 
) [private]

handle dynamic reconfigure service request

newconfignew configuration from dynamic reconfigure client, becomes the service reply message as updated here.
levelSensorLevels value (0xffffffff on initial call)

This is done without any locking because it is called in the same thread as ros::spinOnce() and the topic subscription callbacks.

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void NavQueueMgr::SetRelays ( void  ) [private]

Set or reset relays

signal_on_left_, signal_on_right_, flasher_on_ and alarm_on_ reflect the most recently reported states of those relays;
nav_->navdata contains desired signal relay states

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void NavQueueMgr::SetSpeed ( pilot_command_t  pcmd) [private]

Send a command to the pilot

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Set up ROS topics for navigator node

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void NavQueueMgr::spin ( void  )

Spin method for main thread

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Member Data Documentation

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dynamic_reconfigure::Server<Config> NavQueueMgr::ccb_ [private]

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nav_msgs::Odometry NavQueueMgr::odom_msg_ [private]

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