ros::pkg::sensor_msgs::msg::Imu Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

Imu clone ()
void deserialize (ByteBuffer bb)
boolean equals (Object o)
java.lang.String getDataType ()
java.lang.String getMD5Sum ()
java.lang.String getMessageDefinition ()
int hashCode ()
 Imu ()
int serializationLength ()
void serialize (ByteBuffer bb, int seq)
void setTo (ros.communication.Message m)

Static Public Member Functions

static java.lang.String __s_getDataType ()
static java.lang.String __s_getMD5Sum ()
static java.lang.String __s_getMessageDefinition ()

Public Attributes

ros.pkg.geometry_msgs.msg.Vector3 angular_velocity = new ros.pkg.geometry_msgs.msg.Vector3()
double[] angular_velocity_covariance = new double[9]
ros.pkg.std_msgs.msg.Header header = new ros.pkg.std_msgs.msg.Header()
ros.pkg.geometry_msgs.msg.Vector3 linear_acceleration = new ros.pkg.geometry_msgs.msg.Vector3()
double[] linear_acceleration_covariance = new double[9]
ros.pkg.geometry_msgs.msg.Quaternion orientation = new ros.pkg.geometry_msgs.msg.Quaternion()
double[] orientation_covariance = new double[9]

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ros::pkg::sensor_msgs::msg::Imu::Imu (  )  [inline]

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Member Function Documentation

static java.lang.String ros::pkg::sensor_msgs::msg::Imu::__s_getDataType (  )  [inline, static]

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static java.lang.String ros::pkg::sensor_msgs::msg::Imu::__s_getMD5Sum (  )  [inline, static]

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static java.lang.String ros::pkg::sensor_msgs::msg::Imu::__s_getMessageDefinition (  )  [inline, static]

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Imu ros::pkg::sensor_msgs::msg::Imu::clone (  )  [inline]

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void ros::pkg::sensor_msgs::msg::Imu::deserialize ( ByteBuffer  bb  )  [inline]

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boolean ros::pkg::sensor_msgs::msg::Imu::equals ( Object  o  )  [inline]

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java.lang.String ros::pkg::sensor_msgs::msg::Imu::getDataType (  )  [inline]

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java.lang.String ros::pkg::sensor_msgs::msg::Imu::getMD5Sum (  )  [inline]

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java.lang.String ros::pkg::sensor_msgs::msg::Imu::getMessageDefinition (  )  [inline]

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int ros::pkg::sensor_msgs::msg::Imu::hashCode (  )  [inline]

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int ros::pkg::sensor_msgs::msg::Imu::serializationLength (  )  [inline]

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void ros::pkg::sensor_msgs::msg::Imu::serialize ( ByteBuffer  bb,
int  seq 
) [inline]

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void ros::pkg::sensor_msgs::msg::Imu::setTo ( ros.communication.Message  m  )  [inline]

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Member Data Documentation

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