icp.h File Reference

#include <gpc/gpc.h>
#include "../csm_all.h"
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void compute_covariance_exact (LDP laser_ref, LDP laser_sens, const gsl_vector *x, val *cov0_x, val *dx_dy1, val *dx_dy2)
int compute_next_estimate (struct sm_params *params, const double x_old[3], double x_new[3])
void debug_correspondences (struct sm_params *params)
void find_correspondences (struct sm_params *params)
void find_correspondences_tricks (struct sm_params *params)
int icp_loop (struct sm_params *params, const double *q0, double *x_new, double *total_error, int *nvalid, int *iterations)
void kill_outliers_double (struct sm_params *params)
void kill_outliers_trim (struct sm_params *params, double *total_error)
void ld_invalid_if_outside (LDP ld, double min_reading, double max_reading)
void sm_icp (struct sm_params *params, struct sm_result *res)
void swap_double (double *a, double *b)
int termination_criterion (struct sm_params *params, const double *delta)
void visibilityTest (LDP ld, const gsl_vector *x_old)

Function Documentation

void compute_covariance_exact ( LDP  laser_ref,
LDP  laser_sens,
const gsl_vector *  x,
val cov0_x,
val dx_dy1,
val dx_dy2 
int compute_next_estimate ( struct sm_params params,
const double  x_old[3],
double  x_new[3] 

This is the beef: computing in closed form the next estimate given the correspondences.

void debug_correspondences ( struct sm_params params  ) 

Checks that find_correspondences_tricks and find_correspondences behave the same. Exit(-1) on error.

void find_correspondences ( struct sm_params params  ) 

Naif algorithm

void find_correspondences_tricks ( struct sm_params params  ) 

Smart algorithm

int icp_loop ( struct sm_params params,
const double *  q0,
double *  x_new,
double *  total_error,
int *  nvalid,
int *  iterations 

This is the meat

void kill_outliers_double ( struct sm_params params  ) 
void kill_outliers_trim ( struct sm_params params,
double *  total_error 
void ld_invalid_if_outside ( LDP  ld,
double  min_reading,
double  max_reading 

Marks a ray invalid if reading is outside range [min_reading, max_reading].

void sm_icp ( struct sm_params params,
struct sm_result res 

This sets the stage.

void swap_double ( double *  a,
double *  b 
int termination_criterion ( struct sm_params params,
const double *  delta 

This termination criterium use epsilon_xy and epsilon_th. It is useless when using the point-to-line-distance; however, we put it here because one can choose to use the point-to-point distance.

void visibilityTest ( LDP  ld,
const gsl_vector *  x_old 
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