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KDL::Path_RoundedComposite Class Reference

#include <path_roundedcomposite.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

virtual Twist Acc (double s, double sd, double sdd) const
void Add (const Frame &F_base_point)
virtual PathClone ()
void Finish ()
virtual void GetCurrentSegmentLocation (double s, int &segment_number, double &inner_s)
virtual IdentifierType getIdentifier () const
virtual double GetLengthToEndOfSegment (int i)
virtual int GetNrOfSegments ()
virtual PathGetSegment (int i)
virtual double LengthToS (double length)
 Path_RoundedComposite (double radius, double eqradius, RotationalInterpolation *orient, bool aggregate=true)
virtual double PathLength ()
virtual Frame Pos (double s) const
virtual Twist Vel (double s, double sd) const
virtual void Write (std::ostream &os)
virtual ~Path_RoundedComposite ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from KDL::Path
virtual ~Path ()

Private Member Functions

 Path_RoundedComposite (Path_Composite *comp, double radius, double eqradius, RotationalInterpolation *orient, bool aggregate, int nrofpoints)

Private Attributes

bool aggregate
double eqradius
Frame F_base_start
Frame F_base_via
int nrofpoints
double radius

Additional Inherited Members

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enum  IdentifierType {
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static PathRead (std::istream &is)

Detailed Description

The specification of a path, composed of way-points with rounded corners.

Definition at line 58 of file path_roundedcomposite.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Path_RoundedComposite() [1/2]

KDL::Path_RoundedComposite::Path_RoundedComposite ( Path_Composite comp,
double  radius,
double  eqradius,
RotationalInterpolation orient,
bool  aggregate,
int  nrofpoints 

Definition at line 55 of file path_roundedcomposite.cpp.

◆ Path_RoundedComposite() [2/2]

KDL::Path_RoundedComposite::Path_RoundedComposite ( double  radius,
double  eqradius,
RotationalInterpolation orient,
bool  aggregate = true 
radius: radius of the rounding circles
eqradius: equivalent radius to compare rotations/velocities
orient: method of rotational_interpolation interpolation
aggregate: if true, this object will own the _orient pointer, i.e. it will delete the _orient pointer when the destructor of this object is called.

Definition at line 61 of file path_roundedcomposite.cpp.

◆ ~Path_RoundedComposite()

KDL::Path_RoundedComposite::~Path_RoundedComposite ( )

Definition at line 191 of file path_roundedcomposite.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Acc()

Twist KDL::Path_RoundedComposite::Acc ( double  s,
double  sd,
double  sdd 
) const

Returns the acceleration twist at path length s and with derivative of s == sd, and 2nd derivative of s == sdd

Implements KDL::Path.

Definition at line 164 of file path_roundedcomposite.cpp.

◆ Add()

void KDL::Path_RoundedComposite::Add ( const Frame F_base_point)

Adds a point to this rounded composite, between to adjecent points a Path_Line will be created, between two lines there will be rounding with the given radius with a Path_Circle

The Error_MotionPlanning_Not_Feasible has a type (obtained by GetType) of:

  • 3101 if the eq. radius <= 0
  • 3102 if the first segment in a rounding has zero length.
  • 3103 if the second segment in a rounding has zero length.
  • 3104 if the angle between the first and the second segment is close to M_PI. (meaning that the segments are on top of each other)
  • 3105 if the distance needed for the rounding is larger then the first segment.
  • 3106 if the distance needed for the rounding is larger then the second segment.
F_base_pointthe pose of a new via point.
Can throw Error_MotionPlanning_Not_Feasible object handle the case of error type 3105 and 3106 by skipping segments, such that the class could be applied with points that are very close to each other.

Definition at line 70 of file path_roundedcomposite.cpp.

◆ Clone()

Path * KDL::Path_RoundedComposite::Clone ( )

virtual constructor, constructing by copying. In this case it returns the Clone() of the aggregated Path_Composite because this is all one ever will need.

Implements KDL::Path.

Definition at line 198 of file path_roundedcomposite.cpp.

◆ Finish()

void KDL::Path_RoundedComposite::Finish ( )

to be called after the last line is added to finish up the work

Definition at line 139 of file path_roundedcomposite.cpp.

◆ GetCurrentSegmentLocation()

void KDL::Path_RoundedComposite::GetCurrentSegmentLocation ( double  s,
int &  segment_number,
double &  inner_s 
s[INPUT] path length variable for the composite.
segment_number[OUTPUT] segments that corresponds to the path length variable s.
inner_s[OUTPUT] path length to use within the segment.

Definition at line 184 of file path_roundedcomposite.cpp.

◆ getIdentifier()

virtual IdentifierType KDL::Path_RoundedComposite::getIdentifier ( ) const

gets an identifier indicating the type of this Path object

Implements KDL::Path.

Definition at line 190 of file path_roundedcomposite.hpp.

◆ GetLengthToEndOfSegment()

double KDL::Path_RoundedComposite::GetLengthToEndOfSegment ( int  i)

gets the length to the end of the given segment.

isegment number
length to the end of the segment, i.e. the value for s corresponding to the end of this segment.

Definition at line 180 of file path_roundedcomposite.cpp.

◆ GetNrOfSegments()

int KDL::Path_RoundedComposite::GetNrOfSegments ( )

returns the number of underlying segments.

Definition at line 172 of file path_roundedcomposite.cpp.

◆ GetSegment()

Path * KDL::Path_RoundedComposite::GetSegment ( int  i)

returns a pointer to the underlying Path of the given segment number i.

isegment number
pointer to the underlying Path
The pointer is still owned by this class and is lifetime depends on the lifetime of this class.

Definition at line 176 of file path_roundedcomposite.cpp.

◆ LengthToS()

double KDL::Path_RoundedComposite::LengthToS ( double  length)

LengthToS() converts a physical length along the trajectory to the parameter s used in Pos, Vel and Acc. This is used because in cases with large rotations the parameter s does NOT correspond to the lineair length along the trajectory. User should be sure that the lineair distance travelled by this path object is NOT zero, when using this method ! (e.g. the case of only rotational change) throws Error_MotionPlanning_Not_Applicable if used on composed path objects.

Implements KDL::Path.

Definition at line 147 of file path_roundedcomposite.cpp.

◆ PathLength()

double KDL::Path_RoundedComposite::PathLength ( )

Returns the total path length of the trajectory (has dimension LENGTH) This is not always a physical length , ie when dealing with rotations that are dominant.

Implements KDL::Path.

Definition at line 152 of file path_roundedcomposite.cpp.

◆ Pos()

Frame KDL::Path_RoundedComposite::Pos ( double  s) const

Returns the Frame at the current path length s

Implements KDL::Path.

Definition at line 156 of file path_roundedcomposite.cpp.

◆ Vel()

Twist KDL::Path_RoundedComposite::Vel ( double  s,
double  sd 
) const

Returns the velocity twist at path length s theta and with derivative of s == sd

Implements KDL::Path.

Definition at line 160 of file path_roundedcomposite.cpp.

◆ Write()

void KDL::Path_RoundedComposite::Write ( std::ostream &  os)

Writes one of the derived objects to the stream

Implements KDL::Path.

Definition at line 168 of file path_roundedcomposite.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ aggregate

bool KDL::Path_RoundedComposite::aggregate

Definition at line 75 of file path_roundedcomposite.hpp.

◆ comp

Path_Composite* KDL::Path_RoundedComposite::comp

a Path_Composite is aggregated to hold the rounded trajectory with circles and lines

Definition at line 63 of file path_roundedcomposite.hpp.

◆ eqradius

double KDL::Path_RoundedComposite::eqradius

Definition at line 67 of file path_roundedcomposite.hpp.

◆ F_base_start

Frame KDL::Path_RoundedComposite::F_base_start

Definition at line 70 of file path_roundedcomposite.hpp.

◆ F_base_via

Frame KDL::Path_RoundedComposite::F_base_via

Definition at line 71 of file path_roundedcomposite.hpp.

◆ nrofpoints

int KDL::Path_RoundedComposite::nrofpoints

Definition at line 73 of file path_roundedcomposite.hpp.

◆ orient

RotationalInterpolation* KDL::Path_RoundedComposite::orient

Definition at line 68 of file path_roundedcomposite.hpp.

◆ radius

double KDL::Path_RoundedComposite::radius

Definition at line 66 of file path_roundedcomposite.hpp.

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