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mavros::extra_plugins::WheelOdometryPlugin Class Reference

Wheel odometry plugin. More...

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Public Member Functions

Subscriptions get_subscriptions ()
void initialize (UAS &uas_)
- Public Member Functions inherited from mavros::plugin::PluginBase
virtual ~PluginBase ()

Private Types

enum  OM { OM::NONE, OM::RPM, OM::DIST }
 Odometry computation modes. More...

Private Member Functions

void handle_rpm (const mavlink::mavlink_message_t *msg, mavlink::ardupilotmega::msg::RPM &rpm)
 Handle Ardupilot RPM MAVlink message. Message specification: More...
void handle_wheel_distance (const mavlink::mavlink_message_t *msg, mavlink::common::msg::WHEEL_DISTANCE &wheel_dist)
 Handle WHEEL_DISTANCE MAVlink message. Message specification: More...
void process_measurement (std::vector< double > measurement, bool rpm, ros::Time time, ros::Time time_pub)
 Process wheel measurement. More...
void publish_odometry (ros::Time time)
 Publish odometry. Odometry is computed from the very start but no pose info is published until we have initial orientation (yaw). Once we get it, the robot's current pose is updated with it and starts to be published. Twist info doesn't depend on initial orientation so is published from the very start. More...
void update_odometry (std::vector< double > distance, double dt)
 Update odometry (currently, only 2-wheels differential configuration implemented). Odometry is computed for robot's origin (IMU). More...
void update_odometry_diffdrive (std::vector< double > distance, double dt)
 Update odometry for differential drive robot. Odometry is computed for robot's origin (IMU). The wheels are assumed to be parallel to the robot's x-direction (forward) and with the same x-offset. No slip is assumed (Instantaneous Center of Curvature (ICC) along the axis connecting the wheels). All computations are performed for ROS frame conventions. The approach is the extended and more accurate version of standard one described in the book and at the page (with some typos fixed) The extension is that exact pose update is used instead of approximate, and that the robot's origin can be specified anywhere instead of the middle-point between the wheels. More...

Private Attributes

std::string child_frame_id
 body-fixed frame for topic headers More...
int count
 requested number of wheels to compute odometry More...
int count_meas
 number of wheels in measurements More...
ros::Publisher dist_pub
std::string frame_id
 origin frame for topic headers More...
std::vector< double > measurement_prev
 previous measurement More...
OM odom_mode
 odometry computation mode More...
ros::Publisher odom_pub
bool raw_send
 send wheel's RPM and cumulative distance More...
ros::Publisher rpm_pub
Eigen::Vector3d rpose
 Robot origin 2D-state (SI units) More...
Eigen::Matrix3d rpose_cov
 pose error 1-var More...
Eigen::Vector3d rtwist
 twist (vx, vy, vyaw) More...
Eigen::Vector3d rtwist_cov
 twist error 1-var (vx_cov, vy_cov, vyaw_cov) More...
std::string tf_child_frame_id
 frame for TF and Pose More...
std::string tf_frame_id
 origin for TF More...
bool tf_send
 send TF More...
ros::Time time_prev
 timestamp of previous measurement More...
ros::Publisher twist_pub
bool twist_send
 send geometry_msgs/TwistWithCovarianceStamped instead of nav_msgs/Odometry More...
double vel_cov
 wheel velocity measurement error 1-var (m/s) More...
std::vector< Eigen::Vector2d > wheel_offset
 wheel x,y offsets (m,NED) More...
std::vector< double > wheel_radius
 wheel radiuses (m) More...
ros::NodeHandle wo_nh
bool yaw_initialized
 initial yaw initialized (from IMU) More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from mavros::plugin::PluginBase
typedef boost::shared_ptr< PluginBase const > ConstPtr
typedef mavconn::MAVConnInterface::ReceivedCb HandlerCb
typedef std::tuple< mavlink::msgid_t, const char *, size_t, HandlerCbHandlerInfo
typedef boost::shared_ptr< PluginBasePtr
typedef std::vector< HandlerInfoSubscriptions
- Protected Member Functions inherited from mavros::plugin::PluginBase
virtual void connection_cb (bool connected)
void enable_connection_cb ()
HandlerInfo make_handler (void(_C::*fn)(const mavlink::mavlink_message_t *, _T &))
HandlerInfo make_handler (const mavlink::msgid_t id, void(_C::*fn)(const mavlink::mavlink_message_t *msg, const mavconn::Framing framing))
 PluginBase ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from mavros::plugin::PluginBase

Detailed Description

Wheel odometry plugin.

This plugin allows computing and publishing wheel odometry coming from FCU wheel encoders. Can use either wheel's RPM or WHEEL_DISTANCE messages (the latter gives better accuracy).

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