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mavros::extra_plugins::OdometryPlugin Class Reference

Odometry plugin. More...

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Public Member Functions

Subscriptions get_subscriptions ()
void initialize (UAS &uas_)
- Public Member Functions inherited from mavros::plugin::PluginBase
virtual ~PluginBase ()

Private Member Functions

void handle_odom (const mavlink::mavlink_message_t *msg, mavlink::common::msg::ODOMETRY &odom_msg)
 Handle ODOMETRY MAVlink message. More...
void odom_cb (const nav_msgs::Odometry::ConstPtr &odom)
 Sends odometry data msgs to the FCU. More...
void transform_lookup (const std::string &frame_id, const std::string &child_frame_id, const std::string &local_frame_orientation, const std::string &body_frame_orientation, Eigen::Affine3d &tf_parent2local, Eigen::Affine3d &tf_child2local, Eigen::Affine3d &tf_parent2body, Eigen::Affine3d &tf_child2body)
 Lookup transforms. More...

Private Attributes

 body frame (pose) ID More...
std::string body_frame_orientation_in_desired
 orientation of the body frame (input data) More...
std::string body_frame_orientation_out_desired
 orientation of the body frame (output data) More...
std::string child_frame_id
 child frame identifier More...
std::string frame_id
 parent frame identifier More...
 local frame (pose) ID More...
std::string local_frame_in
 orientation and source of the input local frame More...
std::string local_frame_orientation_in
 orientation of the local frame (input data) More...
std::string local_frame_orientation_out
 orientation of the local frame (output data) More...
std::string local_frame_out
 orientation and source of the output local frame More...
ros::NodeHandle odom_nh
 node handler More...
ros::Publisher odom_pub
 nav_msgs/Odometry publisher More...
ros::Subscriber odom_sub
 nav_msgs/Odometry subscriber More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from mavros::plugin::PluginBase
typedef boost::shared_ptr< PluginBase const > ConstPtr
typedef mavconn::MAVConnInterface::ReceivedCb HandlerCb
typedef std::tuple< mavlink::msgid_t, const char *, size_t, HandlerCbHandlerInfo
typedef boost::shared_ptr< PluginBasePtr
typedef std::vector< HandlerInfoSubscriptions
- Protected Member Functions inherited from mavros::plugin::PluginBase
virtual void connection_cb (bool connected)
void enable_connection_cb ()
HandlerInfo make_handler (void(_C::*fn)(const mavlink::mavlink_message_t *, _T &))
HandlerInfo make_handler (const mavlink::msgid_t id, void(_C::*fn)(const mavlink::mavlink_message_t *msg, const mavconn::Framing framing))
 PluginBase ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from mavros::plugin::PluginBase

Detailed Description

Odometry plugin.

Sends odometry data to the FCU position and attitude estimators.

See also

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