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mavros::extra_plugins::DistanceSensorItem Class Reference

Distance sensor mapping storage item. More...

Public Types

typedef boost::shared_ptr< DistanceSensorItemPtr

Public Member Functions

void range_cb (const sensor_msgs::Range::ConstPtr &msg)

Static Public Member Functions

static Ptr create_item (DistanceSensorPlugin *owner, std::string topic_name)

Public Attributes

int covariance
 in centimeters, current specification More...
double field_of_view
 FOV of the sensor. More...
std::string frame_id
 frame id for send More...
bool is_subscriber
 this item is a subscriber, else is a publisher More...
int orientation
 check orientation of sensor if != -1 More...
Eigen::Vector3d position
 sensor position More...
ros::Publisher pub
bool send_tf
 defines if a transform is sent or not More...
uint8_t sensor_id
 id of the sensor More...
ros::Subscriber sub
std::string topic_name

Private Member Functions

float calculate_variance (float range)

Private Attributes

std::vector< floatdata
 array allocation for measurements More...
size_t data_index
 array index More...

Static Private Attributes

static constexpr size_t ACC_SIZE = 50

Detailed Description

Distance sensor mapping storage item.

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