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mavros::std_plugins::ParamPlugin Class Reference

Parameter manipulation plugin. More...

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Public Member Functions

Subscriptions get_subscriptions ()
 Return vector of MAVLink message subscriptions (handlers) More...
void initialize (UAS &uas_)
 Plugin initializer. More...
 ParamPlugin ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from mavros::plugin::PluginBase
virtual ~PluginBase ()

Private Types

using lock_guard = std::lock_guard< std::recursive_mutex >
enum  PR {
using unique_lock = std::unique_lock< std::recursive_mutex >

Private Member Functions

void connection_cb (bool connected) override
bool get_cb (mavros_msgs::ParamGet::Request &req, mavros_msgs::ParamGet::Response &res)
 get parameter ~param/get More...
void go_idle ()
void handle_param_value (const mavlink::mavlink_message_t *msg, mavlink::common::msg::PARAM_VALUE &pmsg)
void param_request_list ()
void param_request_read (std::string id, int16_t index=-1)
void param_set (Parameter &param)
bool pull_cb (mavros_msgs::ParamPull::Request &req, mavros_msgs::ParamPull::Response &res)
 fetches all parameters from device ~param/pull More...
bool push_cb (mavros_msgs::ParamPush::Request &req, mavros_msgs::ParamPush::Response &res)
 push all parameter value to device ~param/push More...
void restart_timeout_timer ()
bool rosparam_set_allowed (const Parameter &p)
 Set ROS param only if name is good. More...
bool send_param_set_and_wait (Parameter &param)
bool set_cb (mavros_msgs::ParamSet::Request &req, mavros_msgs::ParamSet::Response &res)
 sets parameter value ~param/set More...
void shedule_cb (const ros::TimerEvent &event)
void shedule_pull (const ros::Duration &dt)
void timeout_cb (const ros::TimerEvent &event)
bool wait_fetch_all ()
bool wait_param_set_ack_for (std::shared_ptr< ParamSetOpt > opt)

Private Attributes

const ros::Duration BOOTUP_TIME_DT
ros::ServiceServer get_srv
bool is_timedout
std::mutex list_cond_mutex
std::condition_variable list_receiving
const ros::Duration LIST_TIMEOUT_DT
std::recursive_mutex mutex
ssize_t param_count
ros::NodeHandle param_nh
size_t param_rx_retries
PR param_state
const ros::Duration PARAM_TIMEOUT_DT
ros::Publisher param_value_pub
std::unordered_map< std::string, Parameterparameters
std::list< uint16_t > parameters_missing_idx
ros::ServiceServer pull_srv
ros::ServiceServer push_srv
std::unordered_map< std::string, std::shared_ptr< ParamSetOpt > > set_parameters
ros::ServiceServer set_srv
ros::Timer shedule_timer
 for startup shedule fetch More...
ros::Timer timeout_timer
 for timeout resend More...

Static Private Attributes

static constexpr int _RETRIES_COUNT = 3
static constexpr int BOOTUP_TIME_MS = 10000
 APM boot time. More...
static constexpr int LIST_TIMEOUT_MS = 30000
 Receive all time. More...
static constexpr int PARAM_TIMEOUT_MS = 1000
 Param wait time. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from mavros::plugin::PluginBase
using ConstPtr = boost::shared_ptr< PluginBase const >
using HandlerCb = mavconn::MAVConnInterface::ReceivedCb
 generic message handler callback More...
using HandlerInfo = std::tuple< mavlink::msgid_t, const char *, size_t, HandlerCb >
 Tuple: MSG ID, MSG NAME, message type into hash_code, message handler callback. More...
using Ptr = boost::shared_ptr< PluginBase >
using Subscriptions = std::vector< HandlerInfo >
 Subscriptions vector. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from mavros::plugin::PluginBase
void enable_connection_cb ()
template<class _C >
HandlerInfo make_handler (const mavlink::msgid_t id, void(_C::*fn)(const mavlink::mavlink_message_t *msg, const mavconn::Framing framing))
template<class _C , class _T >
HandlerInfo make_handler (void(_C::*fn)(const mavlink::mavlink_message_t *, _T &))
 PluginBase ()
 Plugin constructor Should not do anything before initialize() More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from mavros::plugin::PluginBase

Detailed Description

Parameter manipulation plugin.

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