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footstep_planner::Heuristic Class Referenceabstract

An abstract super class providing methods necessary to be used as heuristic function within the FootstepPlanner. More...

#include <Heuristic.h>

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Public Types

enum  HeuristicType { EUCLIDEAN =0, EUCLIDEAN_STEPCOST =1, PATH_COST =2 }

Public Member Functions

HeuristicType getHeuristicType () const
virtual double getHValue (const PlanningState &from, const PlanningState &to) const =0
 Heuristic (double cell_size, int num_angle_bins, HeuristicType type)
virtual ~Heuristic ()

Protected Attributes

double ivCellSize
const HeuristicType ivHeuristicType
int ivNumAngleBins

Detailed Description

An abstract super class providing methods necessary to be used as heuristic function within the FootstepPlanner.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

footstep_planner::Heuristic::Heuristic ( double  cell_size,
int  num_angle_bins,
HeuristicType  type 

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footstep_planner::Heuristic::~Heuristic ( )

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Member Function Documentation

HeuristicType footstep_planner::Heuristic::getHeuristicType ( ) const

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virtual double footstep_planner::Heuristic::getHValue ( const PlanningState from,
const PlanningState to 
) const
pure virtual
The heuristically determined path costs to get from state 'from' to state 'to' where 'to' is supposed to be the goal of the planning task. (Costs are in meter.)

Implemented in footstep_planner::EuclStepCostHeuristic, footstep_planner::EuclideanHeuristic, and footstep_planner::PathCostHeuristic.

Member Data Documentation

double footstep_planner::Heuristic::ivCellSize

Definition at line 53 of file Heuristic.h.

const HeuristicType footstep_planner::Heuristic::ivHeuristicType

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int footstep_planner::Heuristic::ivNumAngleBins

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