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comms.cpp [code]Implementation of Comms class methods to handle reading and writing to the UM7 serial interface
comms.h [code]Comms class definition. Does not manage the serial connection itself, but takes care of reading and writing to UM7
firmware_registers.h [code]Copied directly from the UM7 version of the UM6_config.h file, available online here: Note: while while the source of this code is named "UM6_config.h", it is not the same as the file used for the UM6 and is part of the UM7 source code
main.cpp [code]Main entry point for UM7 driver. Handles serial connection details, as well as all ROS message stuffing, parameters, topics, etc
registers.cpp [code]Stub method from the Accessor class
registers.h [code]Provides the Registers class, which initializes with a suite of accessors suitable for reading and writing the UM7 registers, including byte-order conversion and scaling handled
test_comms.cpp [code]
test_registers.cpp [code]

Author(s): Mike Purvis , Alex Brown
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