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GaitGenerator.cpp File Reference
#include "GaitGenerator.h"
#include <numeric>
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namespace  rats


#define deg2rad(deg)   (deg * M_PI / 180)
#define rad2deg(rad)   (rad * 180 / M_PI)


void rats::cycloid_midpoint (hrp::Vector3 &ret, const double ratio, const hrp::Vector3 &start, const hrp::Vector3 &goal, const double height, const double default_top_ratio)
std::string rats::leg_type_to_leg_type_string (const leg_type l_r)
void rats::multi_mid_coords (coordinates &ret, const std::vector< coordinates > &cs, const double eps)
double rats::set_value_according_to_toe_heel_type (const toe_heel_type tht, const double toe_value, const double heel_value, const double default_value)

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#define deg2rad (   deg)    (deg * M_PI / 180)

Definition at line 12 of file GaitGenerator.cpp.

#define rad2deg (   rad)    (rad * 180 / M_PI)

Definition at line 9 of file GaitGenerator.cpp.

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