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coordinate_conversions.h File Reference
#include <occupancy_grid_utils/exceptions.h>
#include <tf/transform_datatypes.h>
#include <nav_msgs/OccupancyGrid.h>
#include <geometry_msgs/Polygon.h>
#include <ros/assert.h>
#include <cstdlib>
#include <ostream>
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struct  occupancy_grid_utils::Cell


namespace  occupancy_grid_utils


typedef int16_t occupancy_grid_utils::coord_t
typedef uint32_t occupancy_grid_utils::index_t


geometry_msgs::Point occupancy_grid_utils::cellCenter (const nav_msgs::MapMetaData &info, const Cell &c)
 Return center of a cell.
index_t occupancy_grid_utils::cellIndex (const nav_msgs::MapMetaData &info, const Cell &c)
 Returns the index of a cell.
geometry_msgs::Polygon occupancy_grid_utils::cellPolygon (const nav_msgs::MapMetaData &info, const Cell &c)
 Return polygon corresponding to a cell.
geometry_msgs::Polygon occupancy_grid_utils::gridPolygon (const nav_msgs::MapMetaData &info)
 Return polygon corresponding to grid bounds.
Cell occupancy_grid_utils::indexCell (const nav_msgs::MapMetaData &info, index_t ind)
 Returns cell corresponding to index.
tf::Transform occupancy_grid_utils::mapToWorld (const nav_msgs::MapMetaData &info)
std::ostream & occupancy_grid_utils::operator<< (std::ostream &str, const Cell &c)
Cell occupancy_grid_utils::pointCell (const nav_msgs::MapMetaData &info, const geometry_msgs::Point &p)
 Returns cell corresponding to a point.
index_t occupancy_grid_utils::pointIndex (const nav_msgs::MapMetaData &info, const geometry_msgs::Point &p)
 Returns index of a point.
void occupancy_grid_utils::verifyDataSize (const nav_msgs::OccupancyGrid &g)
 Verify that data vector has the right size, throw DataSizeException otherwise.
bool occupancy_grid_utils::withinBounds (const nav_msgs::MapMetaData &info, const geometry_msgs::Point &p)
 Check if a point is on the grid.
bool occupancy_grid_utils::withinBounds (const nav_msgs::MapMetaData &info, const Cell &c)
 Check if a cell is on the grid.
tf::Transform occupancy_grid_utils::worldToMap (const nav_msgs::MapMetaData &info)


const int8_t occupancy_grid_utils::OCCUPIED = 100
const int8_t occupancy_grid_utils::UNKNOWN = 255
const int8_t occupancy_grid_utils::UNOCCUPIED = 0

Detailed Description

General utilities for coordinate conversions

Bhaskara Marthi

Definition in file coordinate_conversions.h.

Author(s): Bhaskara Marthi
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