Function tf2::doTransform(const tf2::Stamped<btTransform>&, tf2::Stamped<btTransform>&, const geometry_msgs::msg::TransformStamped&)

Function Documentation

inline void tf2::doTransform(const tf2::Stamped<btTransform> &t_in, tf2::Stamped<btTransform> &t_out, const geometry_msgs::msg::TransformStamped &transform)

Apply a geometry_msgs TransformStamped to a Bullet-specific Transform data type. This function is a specialization of the doTransform template defined in tf2/convert.h.

  • t_in – The frame to transform, as a timestamped Bullet btTransform.

  • t_out – The transformed frame, as a timestamped Bullet btTransform.

  • transform – The timestamped transform to apply, as a TransformStamped message.