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num_diff.hpp File Reference
#include <functional>
#include <type_traits>
#include <utility>
#include "types.hpp"
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class  Sophus::details::Curve< Scalar >
class  Sophus::details::VectorField< Scalar, N, M >
class  Sophus::details::VectorField< Scalar, N, 1 >




template<class Scalar , class Fn >
auto Sophus::curveNumDiff (Fn curve, Scalar t, Scalar h=Constants< Scalar >::epsilonSqrt()) -> decltype(details::Curve< Scalar >::num_diff(std::move(curve), t, h))
template<class Scalar , int N, int M, class ScalarOrVector , class Fn >
Eigen::Matrix< Scalar, N, M > Sophus::vectorFieldNumDiff (Fn vector_field, ScalarOrVector const &a, Scalar eps=Constants< Scalar >::epsilonSqrt())

Detailed Description

Numerical differentiation using finite differences

Definition in file num_diff.hpp.

Author(s): Hauke Strasdat
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