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io_comm_rx Namespace Reference


class  AbstractCallbackHandler
class  AsyncManager
 This is the central interface between ROSaic and the Rx(s), managing I/O operations such as reading messages and sending commands.. More...
class  CallbackHandler
 Abstract class representing a generic callback handler, includes high-level functionality such as wait. More...
class  CallbackHandlers
 Represents ensemble of (to be constructed) ROS messages, to be handled at once by this class. More...
class  Comm_IO
 Handles communication with and configuration of the mosaic (and beyond) receiver(s) More...
class  Manager
 Interface (in C++ terms), that could be used for any I/O manager, synchronous and asynchronous alike. More...
class  RxMessage
 Can search buffer for messages, read/parse them, and so on. More...


static const uint32_t BAUDRATES []
 Possible baudrates for the Rx. More...

Detailed Description

This namespace is for the communication interface, handling all aspects related to serial and TCP/IP communication..

Variable Documentation


const uint32_t io_comm_rx::BAUDRATES[]
Initial value:
= {
1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600,
115200, 230400, 460800, 500000, 576000, 921600, 1000000,
1152000, 1500000, 2000000, 2500000, 3000000, 3500000, 4000000}

Possible baudrates for the Rx.

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