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async_manager.hpp File Reference

Implements asynchronous operations for an I/O manager. More...

#include <boost/algorithm/string/join.hpp>
#include <boost/asio.hpp>
#include <boost/bind.hpp>
#include <boost/date_time/posix_time/posix_time.hpp>
#include <boost/function.hpp>
#include <boost/system/error_code.hpp>
#include <boost/thread.hpp>
#include <boost/thread/condition.hpp>
#include <septentrio_gnss_driver/communication/circular_buffer.hpp>
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class  io_comm_rx::AsyncManager< StreamT >
 This is the central interface between ROSaic and the Rx(s), managing I/O operations such as reading messages and sending commands.. More...
class  io_comm_rx::Manager
 Interface (in C++ terms), that could be used for any I/O manager, synchronous and asynchronous alike. More...



Detailed Description

Implements asynchronous operations for an I/O manager.

20/08/20 Such operations include reading NMEA messages and SBF blocks yet also sending commands to serial port or via TCP/IP.

Definition in file async_manager.hpp.

Author(s): Tibor Dome
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