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jacobiandottest.cpp File Reference
#include "jacobiandottest.hpp"
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void changeRepresentation (Jacobian &J, const Frame &F_bs_ee, const int &representation)
double compare_d2_Jdot_Symbolic_vs_Solver (bool verbose)
double compare_Jdot_Diff_vs_Solver (const Chain &chain, const double &dt, const int &representation, bool verbose)
Chain KDL::d2 ()
Chain KDL::d6 ()
JntArray diff (const JntArray &q, const JntArray &qdot, const double &dt)
Jacobian J_d2_symbolic (const JntArray &q, const JntArray &)
Jacobian Jdot_d2_symbolic (const JntArray &q, const JntArray &qdot)
void Jdot_diff (const Jacobian &J_q, const Jacobian &J_qdt, const double &dt, Jacobian &Jdot)
Chain KDL::KukaLWR_DHnew ()
void random (JntArray &q)
bool runTest (const Chain &chain, const int &representation)


static const double KDL::L0 = 1.0
static const double KDL::L1 = 0.5
static const double KDL::L2 = 0.4
static const double KDL::L3 = 0
static const double KDL::L4 = 0
static const double KDL::L5 = 0

Function Documentation

◆ changeRepresentation()

void changeRepresentation ( Jacobian J,
const Frame F_bs_ee,
const int &  representation 

Definition at line 93 of file jacobiandottest.cpp.

◆ compare_d2_Jdot_Symbolic_vs_Solver()

double compare_d2_Jdot_Symbolic_vs_Solver ( bool  verbose)

Definition at line 215 of file jacobiandottest.cpp.

◆ compare_Jdot_Diff_vs_Solver()

double compare_Jdot_Diff_vs_Solver ( const Chain chain,
const double &  dt,
const int &  representation,
bool  verbose 

Definition at line 160 of file jacobiandottest.cpp.



◆ diff()

JntArray diff ( const JntArray q,
const JntArray qdot,
const double &  dt 

Definition at line 146 of file jacobiandottest.cpp.

◆ J_d2_symbolic()

Jacobian J_d2_symbolic ( const JntArray q,
const JntArray  

Definition at line 133 of file jacobiandottest.cpp.

◆ Jdot_d2_symbolic()

Jacobian Jdot_d2_symbolic ( const JntArray q,
const JntArray qdot 

Definition at line 121 of file jacobiandottest.cpp.

◆ Jdot_diff()

void Jdot_diff ( const Jacobian J_q,
const Jacobian J_qdt,
const double &  dt,
Jacobian Jdot 

Definition at line 109 of file jacobiandottest.cpp.

◆ random()

void random ( JntArray q)

Definition at line 154 of file jacobiandottest.cpp.

◆ runTest()

bool runTest ( const Chain chain,
const int &  representation 

Definition at line 249 of file jacobiandottest.cpp.

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