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numpy.hpp File Reference
#include "eigenpy/fwd.hpp"
#include <numpy/numpyconfig.h>
#include <numpy/ndarrayobject.h>
#include <numpy/ufuncobject.h>
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struct  eigenpy::NumpyEquivalentType< Scalar >
struct  eigenpy::NumpyEquivalentType< bool >
struct  eigenpy::NumpyEquivalentType< double >
struct  eigenpy::NumpyEquivalentType< float >
struct  eigenpy::NumpyEquivalentType< int >
struct  eigenpy::NumpyEquivalentType< long >
struct  eigenpy::NumpyEquivalentType< long double >
struct  eigenpy::NumpyEquivalentType< long long >
struct  eigenpy::NumpyEquivalentType< std::complex< double > >
struct  eigenpy::NumpyEquivalentType< std::complex< float > >
struct  eigenpy::NumpyEquivalentType< std::complex< long double > >
struct  eigenpy::NumpyEquivalentType< unsigned int >
struct  eigenpy::NumpyEquivalentType< unsigned long >




#define EIGENPY_GET_PY_ARRAY_TYPE(array)   PyArray_MinScalarType(array)->type_num


bool eigenpy::call_PyArray_Check (PyObject *py_obj)
PyArray_Descr * eigenpy::call_PyArray_DescrFromType (int typenum)
void eigenpy::call_PyArray_InitArrFuncs (PyArray_ArrFuncs *funcs)
PyArray_Descr * eigenpy::call_PyArray_MinScalarType (PyArrayObject *arr)
PyObject * eigenpy::call_PyArray_New (PyTypeObject *py_type_ptr, int nd, npy_intp *shape, int np_type, void *data_ptr, int options)
PyObject * eigenpy::call_PyArray_New (PyTypeObject *py_type_ptr, int nd, npy_intp *shape, int np_type, npy_intp *strides, void *data_ptr, int options)
int eigenpy::call_PyArray_ObjectType (PyObject *obj, int val)
int eigenpy::call_PyArray_RegisterCanCast (PyArray_Descr *descr, int totype, NPY_SCALARKIND scalar)
int eigenpy::call_PyArray_RegisterCastFunc (PyArray_Descr *descr, int totype, PyArray_VectorUnaryFunc *castfunc)
int eigenpy::call_PyArray_RegisterDataType (PyArray_Descr *dtype)
PyObject * eigenpy::call_PyArray_SimpleNew (int nd, npy_intp *shape, int np_type)
PyTypeObject * eigenpy::getPyArrayType ()
void EIGENPY_DLLAPI eigenpy::import_numpy ()
template<typename Scalar >
bool eigenpy::isNumpyNativeType ()
int EIGENPY_DLLAPI eigenpy::PyArray_TypeNum (PyTypeObject *type)

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#define EIGENPY_GET_PY_ARRAY_TYPE (   array)    PyArray_MinScalarType(array)->type_num

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