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towr::Polynomial Class Reference

A polynomial of arbitrary order and dimension. More...

#include <polynomial.h>

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Public Types

enum  Coefficients {
  A =0, B, C, D,
  E, F, G, H,
  I, J
using CoeffIDVec = std::vector< Coefficients >
using VectorXd = Eigen::VectorXd

Public Member Functions

double GetDerivativeWrtCoeff (double t, Dx poly_deriv, Coefficients coeff) const
 The derivative of the polynomial with respect to the coefficients. More...
State GetPoint (double t) const
 Polynomial (int poly_order, int poly_dim)
 Constructs a polynomial with zero coefficient values. More...
virtual ~Polynomial ()=default

Protected Attributes

std::vector< VectorXdcoeff_

Private Attributes

CoeffIDVec coeff_ids_

Detailed Description

A polynomial of arbitrary order and dimension.

A polynomial, e.g. 5th order is defined as: f(t) = Ft^5 + Et^4 + Dt^3 + Ct^2 + Bt + A fd(t) = 5Ft^4 + 4Et^3 + 3Dt^2 + 2Ct + B fdd(t) = 20Ft^3 + 12Et^2 + 6Dt + 2C

This class is responsible for calculating the values f(t) and higher order derivatives from the coefficient values.

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using towr::Polynomial::VectorXd = Eigen::VectorXd

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

towr::Polynomial::Polynomial ( int  poly_order,
int  poly_dim 

Constructs a polynomial with zero coefficient values.

poly_orderThe highest exponent of t, e.g. 5-th order -> t^5.
poly_dimThe dimensions of f(t), e.g. x,y,z.

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virtual towr::Polynomial::~Polynomial ( )

Member Function Documentation

double towr::Polynomial::GetDerivativeWrtCoeff ( double  t,
Dx  poly_deriv,
Coefficients  coeff 
) const

The derivative of the polynomial with respect to the coefficients.

tThe time at which the derivative should be evaluated.
poly_derivWhich polynomial derivative f(t), fd(t), function to use.
coeffThe coefficient with respect to which to calculate the derivative.

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State towr::Polynomial::GetPoint ( double  t) const
The state of the polyomial at a specific time t.

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Member Data Documentation

std::vector<VectorXd> towr::Polynomial::coeff_

Definition at line 83 of file polynomial.h.

CoeffIDVec towr::Polynomial::coeff_ids_

Definition at line 86 of file polynomial.h.

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